About Tierney



I'm Tierney. I'm a wife and mom to 2 (with one more on the way) living in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I've taken a step back from professional photography to invest in my family, but I still enjoy blogging about my interests and life experiences!

Some of the things I'm passionate about are:

Car Seat Safety! I'm a Child Passenger Safety Technician, or CPST for short. I love to meet up with friends, family, and new acquaintances to educate them on car seat safety. This involves everything from teaching and checking car seat installation, helping in car seat selection, practicing buckling a child into a car seat, and more! If you're interested in setting up an appointment, don't hesitate to contact me. It's a free service that can literally save a life!

Breastfeeding! I breastfed both of my children for over a year. Each time one of my children weaned, I missed it SO much. One of the most exciting prospects of having another baby for me is looking forward to the opportunity to breastfeed again! Simply put, it's been one of my favorite aspects of motherhood and one of my proudest achievements as a human being. It definitely wasn't love at first try, but I never doubted that it was worth every ounce of effort it would take to succeed. I got off to a rough start the first time around and have certainly been around the block when it comes to breastfeeding trials! I know it can be a sensitive subject, but at the end of the day it's something that has so greatly enriched my life (and hopefully the lives and health of my children) and I can't help but find myself advocating for it. It's a highly valuable yet very undervalued act, and I love to support willing and capable moms and babies on their own breastfeeding journeys.

Non-Toxic Living! I accidentally became interested in (slash obsessed with) non-toxic living soon after finding out I was pregnant with my first child. So much of what we as a society view as "safe and normal" is actually quite unhealthy! From personal care products, to food, to home furnishings, I strive to raise my family in the least-toxic manner and environment I can. There's no perfection, and it's a continual process- but I really enjoy it and you might, too!

Jesus! I didn't choose God: He, for some unexplainable reason, chose to save me, to change me. My life as a whole is influenced by the work of the Lord in me and through me. It's the single most important thing about me. I'm not always "on point" in my relationship with Jesus or with Biblical living, that's for sure! Thankfully my salvation doesn't depend on MY efforts, but on HIS grace.


Updated January 2017