A Personal Post | Finley is Nine-Months-Old and I'm Taking Some Time Off

by Tierney Johnson in ,

I haven't officially announced this, but I am not currently scheduling new sessions until April. The Lord used the year of 2013 to grow me in so many ways, both personally and professionally. I now have nineteen months of experience as a wife, almost nine months of experience as a mother, and a full second year of experience as a wedding and portrait photographer. I think the most important thing I learned professionally in 2013 was how to say no. Although it was hard at first, I realized that I needed to be both more selective about the number of sessions/weddings I committed to and more diligent about giving myself enough time between the two to keep up with everything at work and at home. Unfortunately I learned this lesson the hard way, from shooting two weddings in one weekend only six weeks after giving birth, to committing to almost two weeks straight of daily sessions this autumn. However, I also learned that I function really well in all my roles when I have commitments outside the home. Feeling purposeful and useful as a photographer is something that helps me thrive as a wife and mom, so while I'm taking a step back from photography until April and taking on a new approach to scheduling weddings and sessions, I am so excited for the sixteen weddings that are on my calendar for 2014 and looking forward to another year of growth and blessing as I carry out all my roles... follower of Jesus, wife to Joey, mommy to Finley, and photographer to so many clients that I can't wait to capture beautiful memories for! 


"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Jeremiah 29:11


Now, onto the stuff you really came here to see, no? My little man will be nine months old on January 3 and while it was frigid today, we snuck outside for just a few minutes to snap some photos! I must say that taking photos of my own son is one of the hardest roles I take on as a photographer. It's a physical workout between the squatting down to snap photos, trying to make sure he doesn't roll away, toting him and my camera gear to different locations, and a vocal workout as I try everything I can to get him to look and even possibly smile at me! I'm sure all you other mommies can understand :)

How about you? Can you relate to learning to say no? Or maybe you learned a different lesson during 2013. Share your thoughts below!