North Carolina Wedding Portraits | My Brother Is Married

by Tierney Johnson in

I've spent the last four days in North Carolina, enjoying WARMTH, family, and most importantly, celebrating the recent marriage of my older brother, Nate! Most of my friends are shocked to learn that I have an older brother. Yes, it's true! And now he's married to Jennifer, a Southern belle with a lot of spunk and the perfect match for Nate. Jennifer, I just have to say that I knew you were the one for Nate when he introduced us for the first time on a trip to the movies. Before heading into the theater to find seats, you nonchalantly said, "I'm going to go buy a hotdog from the concession stand." I turned to Joey (my boyfriend at the time) and confidently proclaimed, "She's a keeper!" Nate and Jennifer got married in Jamaica and we weren't able to witness the "real" wedding, but we did join then for a reception in North Carolina (the High Point area) and I snapped a few photos of my brother and newest sister-in-law in the gorgeous light of a North Carolina evening. Enjoy the photos of this obviously happy couple and congratulations to Nate and Jennifer!!!