Tunkhannock PA Senior Portrait Session | Casey

by Tierney Johnson in

Casey and I often joke that we're "style twins." We go to the same church, and every Sunday I find myself telling her how much I like her outfit. She miraculously somehow either says she does or honestly does like my outfits in return, although I have to admit that my Sunday morning outfit choices aren't usually very well thought out and sometimes I think she's just trying to be nice ;) Anyway, we've been planning this session for a while and though it was cold, it COULD have been colder... gotta stay positive! I was "taking a break" from photography for most of this winter, but even if I weren't, I don't generally book or encourage people to do winter sessions because let's just face it; being cold isn't fun and it's hard to look fabulous when you're cold. Oh, and it's hard to take photos with numb hands. But Casey managed to make it look so easy and elegant... should I be surprised? Enjoy the photos we captured together and let's look forward to the warmth of the months to come together! :)